Joyce and Buffy have always had an incredibly loving, strong matchmaking

Familial [ ]

  • Rowena and Leah – Some of the girl best slayers, Buffy set up comradely together with them, however, Satsu try the lady favourite regarding the knowledge. [125]

Familial [ ]

  • Anaheed and you can Tumble – Buffy’s roommates immediately after moving in order to Bay area. She appeared to get on really with them, however it is strained after they realized she was the fresh new slayer. Dreading due to their safeguards, they made Buffy get out. [134]

Familial [ ]

  • Billy Way – Buffy met Billy because of their shared need to beat right back new rise regarding zompires while the persisted problems that have thus come plaguing the nation once the avoid off magic. Are practical, she acknowledged him swiftly and you will instead of ailment, also going as the much to state that he “belonged.” [168] Buffy was not in the place of this lady limits to own Billy, regardless if. Conscious of their early age, she restricted several of their liberty from inside the slaying; it had been whatsoever, a very unsafe profession. [129]

Joyce Summers [ ]

Whenever Buffy are known as new Slayer, she had made a practice away from sleeping to the woman mommy and you can hiding slaying out of the girl for a long period. Joyce is a bit upset at her girl staying gifts and frequently worried about their edgy character, initially assuming Buffy try a delinquent. Nevertheless when Buffy is wanting to prevent Acathla, this lady mother found out about Buffy’s slaying. Overrun, she got 1st wanted the woman to get rid of slaying however, turned into far more used to it through the years. Whenever Joyce’s wellness try start to damage, Buffy is constantly at the girl top and you will worried on her behalf very much, alleviated whenever she appeared to getting finest. She however, experienced envy over Joyce’s thread that have Dawn, not liking just how she are handled given that infant when you find yourself Buffy constantly needed to value big things. Buffy and additionally convinced by herself the fresh new the main cause of the lady mother’s wellness is actually strange and performed an enchantment to ascertain exactly what it are, only for the girl to see it absolutely was little supernatural. [169] While this lady mom’s fitness started initially to get worse, Buffy try becomingly many stressed and you may overwhelmed for the opportunity of Joyce perishing. She got cried alone once or twice, [56] [170] and you can continuously tried to user this lady mom’s status with magical setting. Her relationship with Riley also started to experience due to the fact she try thus focused on Joyce you to she scarcely advised your what she try really perception otherwise invested time with him. [112]  When Joyce’s notice tumor try got rid of, Buffy is pleased to see the lady apparently well and you may try primarily relaxed. [16]

Whenever Joyce died away from an enthusiastic aneurysm, Buffy are the person who discovered the lady body and you will did this lady best to restore their. Just after it actually was verified their mommy had passed away, she was at treat for some time and you may noticed because if little try real any more. She got several daydreams appearing their the girl mom in some way thriving and you will delighted. [157]  Buffy also blamed by herself totally having Joyce’s dying, assuming if the she had showed up ultimately, she would’ve resided. When you are talking to Angel, she acknowledge one to her mommy are usually the strongest one to and you will that she don’t understand what doing now that she is gone. Buffy resolved for taking the fresh new duties the lady mommy had, however, battled to get to conditions with grief including feel good for everyone more. Once a beneficial dispute that have Dawn, Buffy got ran into the doorway whenever the woman her mommy try resurrected however, Beginning got avoided it already. The reality regarding the girl mother’s death completely sinking in the, Buffy bankrupt off sobbing with her sibling. [37] Through the a conversation which have Giles, Buffy would say she liked the woman mom above all else and you will she failed to know if she had realized one ahead of she died. [60] Joyce’s demise with her fight Fame and you can Tara’s insanity began so you’re able to overpower Buffy, brand new continued setbacks attracting the lady better and nearer to an anxiety. [61] [130] When writing on the potential for killing Start to save the brand new world, Buffy asserted the girl despair and you can one to she merely wished their mommy had been real time. [62]  Much afterwards, Buffy had a strange fantasy where she had been thrown back for the 1997, back when the woman mother had been alive. Reunited with her mom, Buffy was thrilled and you can hugged this lady, informing the lady that she appreciated the girl and desired she you’ll stand truth be told there with her permanently. [44]


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