Twenty-around three people told you the only real exterior financing they use getting advice into the sexual wellness try Mucha Nota (Profile 2)

Because the participants was actually planning workshops a variety of levels of day, ranging from a few weeks to around 5 years, personal amounts of sexual health degree ranged. Specific people (4) reported that it didn’t have questions regarding people information, and others planned to find out more about abortion (1), pregnancy (2), STIs (5), sexuality (1), times (1), birth-control actions (4), and sexual/gender title (1).

Players appreciated the structure, topics, and you will societal facet of the program, and how the latest coaches explained cutting-edge information, brand new vibrant factors and entertaining demonstrations, in addition to discussions where they may take part and inquire concerns. Their most favorite subject areas had been contraception actions and the ways to prevent STIs and you will teenage pregnancy. However they preferred that program acceptance these to satisfy almost every other type of someone and you will kids from other locations, exactly who they’d not see if you don’t, to talk about its problems with folks of equivalent many years. It liked CEMOPLAF social situations, particularly the annual step three-date national refuge that have Promotores from all around the country.

Fifteen Promotores replied that they appreciated “everything” throughout the program. Others mentioned that it did not like “as soon as we damage otherwise get some things wrong during the a seminar otherwise talk,” “there exists not enough men throughout the system,” “when there are simply lectures and we aren’t getting so you’re able to interact as frequently,” “brand new short period of time” spent regarding the stores, “when we never do anything,” and you may “in the event that courses are complicated and hard knowing.”

Adolescents’ Attitude to your Connecting On the Sex

Other people inquire members of the family (1), loved ones (6), understand at school (6), otherwise fool around with guides/courses (1). All the fellow member do ask a buddy to help you CEMOPLAF, and a lot sensed simple, a tiny comfy, otherwise most safe revealing every piece of information it discover that have co-workers and you may family relations (Contour 3). You to Promotor said: “My friends think it’s a tiny comedy, but my family enjoys [that we check out CEMOPLAF] due to the fact my mom and you will cousin don’t have a lot of date to describe things about intimate wellness if you ask me.”

The users believed that its organizations make use of CEMOPLAF Adolescente. Their families and you can family members were essentially supportive of its involvement, even though some got initial become hesitant to allow them to get in on the system. Users chat frequently throughout the sexual fitness having household members and you may sisters, and talk with greater regularity making use of their mothers than simply dads. Instructors and you may recommendations advisors serve as a source for a few of your participants, but usually seldom (Figure cuatro).

Of several interviewees indicated that it was tough to discuss intimate wellness employing moms and dads, a lot of whom are “traditional” and do not should mention it. It was clear that lots of teens felt embarrassing bringing up these types of subject areas along with their old, socially conventional and you may Catholic mothers and their cousins, sisters, or nearest and dearest who generally do not have the training to incorporate of use advice. Kids often lacked this new trust to speak with teachers, believed their guidance advisors simply want to discuss psychological state, and you will believe their doctors would like to mention state cures. Hence, they frequently looked to online resources, in which Mucha Nota, the latest center’s site, try rewarding. In the event of many conveyed a robust wish to express ideal with regards to mothers and you may nearest and dearest, it did not can increase communication.

Promotores’ Suggestions

Twenty-a few Promotores considering suggestions to improve the program, and additionally the system is build in order to more colleges, assist even more children, become better-known, and you may remain incentivizing schools and you will college students to participate in the application. Someone else wanted to talk with Promotores off their stores more frequently, have offered workshops, spend more day at CEMOPLAF (more often than once each week), remark the brand new cutting-edge items, and build an effective mascot or expression to have CEMOPLAF Adolescente.


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